Favorite Songs by Band Series: Epica

FAVORITE SONGS   “Favorite Songs by Band” is a blog series going in depth about my personal favorite songs by some favorite bands and some unexpected finds.  It is so difficult to only choose a handful of songs from my all me ranking artists. Music is something that ebbs and flows, depending on anything from … Continue reading Favorite Songs by Band Series: Epica


Remembering Goob

For my #FlashbackFriday, I decided to share this photo and write up about my favorite cat I've ever owned. Goob was a brilliant and beautiful Russian Blue with more heart and soul than any other cat we've ever had.  He made anyone who had the chance to meet him smile and awe anyone who watched … Continue reading Remembering Goob

Colorado Springs Equality

    I was lucky enough to do an interview with one of my current heroes this week.   Flora Vinson the President of the Colorado Springs Equality organization so graciously answered all of my questions.   During my years of being out and proud for eleven years, I have wished to become a part of … Continue reading Colorado Springs Equality

My Favorite Metal Records of 2017

My Favorite Albums of 2017   And the Battle Royale by The Unguided   My favorite record company of all time and two year promotional partners, Napalm Records had a treasure trove of releases this year.  They nail the Metal genre every year, in my opinion, with the best and most flawless releases.  2017 was … Continue reading My Favorite Metal Records of 2017

License Free Music

Hello WordPress world, I am uploading a bunch of clips of my license free backing tracks this year that I have created and produced myself.  I encourage sharing my channel with fellow Youtubers in search of easy use backing tracks.  I also do custom tracks for all your video needs.  Just email me at pureenergyband@gmail.com … Continue reading License Free Music